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Why do we use essential oils?

One of nature’s perfect gifts, essential oil contains the essence of the plant, fruit or flower. For instance, rose essential oil come from distilling the petals of roses to extract the vital fluid of the flower. It contains everything that makes a rose a rose. Each oil has a specific properties depending on the chemical makeup of the botanical. Some contain antibacterial chemicals while others contain soothing, anti-inflammatory compounds. Today’s pharmaceutical are direct descendants of the abundant healing flora of the earth. Unfortunately, big business has replaced many of these natural, God-given ingredients with cheaper, synthetic copies that your body doesn’t recognize; they are foreign substances that can build up in your body’s systems and cause unhealthy changes. This places an extra load on your excretory system and may compromise your immune system. Say “NO!” to synthetic fragrances, colors and chemicals. Come back to the way nature intended and experience the luxury of nature.