Customer Kudos

We love to hear what our customers think, especially when it’s good! Here’s what a few of our satisfied friends are saying:

  • “I am amazed how well the UNDER COVER SPRAY WORKS! I hope you never go out of business. RENEW is also great.” — Shirley from Indiana
  • “Buzz-Off is awesome! My son and I were the only ones not getting bitten on our canoe trip in the backwaters. I hated the thought of using DEET.” Steve from Colorado
  • “Everyone in my office is sick except for me. I just spray Clean & Fresh every time someone leaves my cubicle.” Sandra from California
  • “I love all your fragrances! I will be back for more.” Tamara from South Carolina
  • “How big of a bottle of Foehn Cologne can I order? I have about a dozen empty bottles and don’t need anymore small ones!” Scott from Arkansas
  • “I recently ordered the COOL BREEZE MIST and absolutely love it!    I’ve been using it every  night (sometimes several times throughout the night when I wake up with hot flashes) and it’s going quickly! Can I order a bigger size?” Mary from Tennessee

Just for the sake of honesty, here is what some unsatisfied customers have said:

  • “Can I get a refund on Buzz-Off? I think I’m allergic to something in it.” Cindy from Florida (Absolutely! Sorry it didn’t work out for you.)
  • “Your website is confusing and don’t want to pay with a credit card. If I didn’t love your products, I would just give up. What else can I do?” Lillian from Arizona (Email us; we can accept a check!)

Have something to say? We’d love to hear from YOU!

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