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God’s Country Botanicals began in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Our facility is set on five peaceful acres just east of Colorado Springs. The days are quiet, the evenings peaceful, and we have over 300 days of sunshine which makes our infrequent snowstorms short-lived.
Steve and I founded God’s Country Botanicals after hearing about the benefits of natural products and their equal, if not superior, relationship to chemical products.  It started after our chiropractor told us about an all-natural blend of essential oils that he had been using to clean his equipment and we investigated the claims that it cleaned as well or better than harmful commercial products, but without the toxic side effects. We discovered that it also provided immunity-boosting benefits aside from its antiseptic properties. After researching some of the claims on the internet, we mixed a batch and began using it at home. The effects were nothing short of amazing. Besides the warm spicy scent, we began experiencing fewer viral illnesses. Our curiosity was piqued and we began to look at the amazing effects of other essential oils. We found that these miraculous elixirs from nature have numerous benefits including the ability to clean, heal, repair, and strengthen. Why, then, are so many of us slowly poisoning ourselves and our families with cheap, toxic chemicals from the discount drugstores?
We want to tell you there are alternatives to the toxic chemicals that are profusely advertised and placed within easy reach on your grocer’s shelves. Essential oils and other natural products are extremely beneficial and should receive more attention from researchers but alas, that’s not where the money is. Recently, however, you’ll notice more and more companies are adding “essential oils” to their products, trying to make the products sound more natural and environmentally-friendly. Stroll down the cleaning aisle and you’ll find laundry detergent with Lavender and Vanilla, dish soap with Lemon or Orange oil, and candles with “real” essential oils. Don’t be fooled. Fragrance oils smell very strong but don’t have the essential properties of pure essential oils. And there are ineffective grades of essential oils as well. The cheaper ones are poorly distilled, diluted, impure, or improperly manufactured.
You can rest assured that each one of God’s Country Botanicals’ unique blends has the very essences that God placed in each plant for the purposes He designed. We only use the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, steam-distilled oils available, thus enabling you to reap the most benefits possible.
It is our joy to welcome you to health and healing the way God designed it. Welcome to God’s Country!Viola HorneFounder



Frequently Asked Questions: What is Aromatherapy? What are Essential Oils? What are Fragrance Oils? How are Essential Oils used? Why use Essential Oils? How do Essential Oils work? Are Essential Oils safe? What kind of research has been done on Essential Oils? What is synergy? What if I have an allergic reaction? What is the …

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Thank you for your interest in God’s Country Botanicals. Please email us at sales@godscountrybotanicals.com with any questions. We will respond within two business days. You may also email us if you would like to be added to our upcoming newsletter.  Looking for a Web Designer, Software Development company, or Hosting Service? WebServ Development has met …

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